Jessica♥ (beachbum802) wrote in amishmafia,

Crack Whore

Sine the Crack Whore of this here organization is taking a little vacation for a month, we need a substitute crack whore for that time.

since you won't be the real crack whore your official title would be crack hooker and you would only occupy this title as long as she is away.

The Crack hooker would recieve the free horse benefits and insurance, which come with being a part of this here organization, and recieve equal share of all amish mafia investments, as well as the knowledge and pride that they are the crack hooker of the amish mafia.

After the crack hooker's services are no longer needed they may request to take a different position within the organization or leave the organization wholely (while keeping the secrets of the mafia).

Just fill out this simple application, preferably behind an lj cut, and we'll get back to you. if nobody applies the title of crack hooker will automatically go to quinn.


Who the Hell are you?
Why should you get to take the presigous title of Crack Hooker?
Do you put out?
When you type/talk to people understand what your saying?
Do you have a penis? (detachable or otherwise)
Your position on michael jackson?
Your position on paris hilton?
Your postion on exploding dog?
Tell a good joke.
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