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heh heh...

saw this sign near a fountain in Barcelona.
...And i found it highly amusing (as you would imagine)

is it the 'shit shit lightning is striking my crotch' dance?

what do you think?

roccaMike04: my mom found thAT car form some one for 2500$
AmericanPsyco983: !!!!!
roccaMike04: same as the picture
AmericanPsyco983: i like the...57 i think Bel Air's though...
roccaMike04: that car in the picture is sellin fofr 68000$
AmericanPsyco983: still!
AmericanPsyco983: dude!!!
AmericanPsyco983: does the one your mom
AmericanPsyco983: any original parts at all besides the body?
roccaMike04: yea ,, she said it looks just like the one in the picture
roccaMike04: it is all origional
AmericanPsyco983: damn
AmericanPsyco983: i want it
roccaMike04: its a 1954 chevy 210
AmericanPsyco983: !
roccaMike04: were so gettin it
AmericanPsyco983: you suck!
AmericanPsyco983: i want it
roccaMike04: i get 2 doo all the restoration it needs
AmericanPsyco983: ::whine::
AmericanPsyco983: lol
roccaMike04: lol
AmericanPsyco983: :-(
AmericanPsyco983: lucky
roccaMike04: its a 6 cyl 3 speed
roccaMike04: collum shift
roccaMike04: that is a pimp mobile
AmericanPsyco983: hell yeah it is
AmericanPsyco983: you'd better let me see it when you get it.
AmericanPsyco983: i'm one of those loser girls who has a thing for cars...what can i say.
roccaMike04: mackanation
roccaMike04: hell yea
roccaMike04: lol me 2
AmericanPsyco983:'re one of the loser girls?
AmericanPsyco983: i never knew.
roccaMike04: lol yea
AmericanPsyco983: ...interestin.g
AmericanPsyco983: *interesting
AmericanPsyco983: man you're lucky
AmericanPsyco983: what do my parents buy? a filter for the fish tank?
roccaMike04: llooll,, i hope they give me the car
AmericanPsyco983: !!!!
roccaMike04: wouldnt that be cool
AmericanPsyco983: hah yeah.
AmericanPsyco983: ...:-(
AmericanPsyco983: man
AmericanPsyco983: lol
AmericanPsyco983: i saw this friggin kickass black and white bel air...56 or was only like 3500 or something and my mom just laughed at me and was like 'you wish'
roccaMike04: haha that so sucks

damn you.

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